Frequently Asked Question

1. Active Uber account
2. Driver has to be 25 years or older 
3. 3 years driving experience in the U.S.

To apply for the car of your choice, just fill out the form below or click here.

We cover all maintenance excluding tire ruptures not related to wear and tear. Please reach out to us for more information in case you need further assistance.

No need to come in, payments are automatically withdrawn. Contracts are auto renewed until you provide your 7 day notice to return the car.

Driver should have , DMV license, credit or Debit card, and security

Yes! You can work for more than one rideshare company.

No, only the contracted driver can use the car. If the car is rented to someone else your contract will be terminated and you will incur fees.

All vehicles are fully insured.

Not a problem, we will provide you with a new key if you lost the keys and you are unable to unlock the car for a free

Electronic payments preferred


Have Other Questions?

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They All Love our rental services

This place is great to rent from, the cars are good and they have a very nice repair shop. If you ever need to talk to customer service ask for Manager Faraz, he’s such a helpful person and he actually cares about the issue we are having and does his absolute best to resolve the problem.
Iris Dos
Oh Buggy. I really appreciate the service of Buggy staff. All of them. But Keishan make my days. I was there back to back days, 2 days in a roll and she safe 🙏 my life. I really appreciate it 🙏 😌 🙌 Thanks
Mia Smith
Buggy has great service! If you have any issues just let them know and they will resolve quickly. I recommend this company and Subhan is the best person to ask for if you need anything. He will go above and beyond to make sure you have a positive experience.
Elija Anthony
I am customer with them as a rental TLC driver from more than two years. I had very good experience. On my previous review Shanzy contact me and she professionally handled all my matters and deeply investigate. They are professional and doing good business. I has referred many person and keep on referring more. Thanks
Muhammad Suleman